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ElementsCAM ist the perfect program for

  • Companies with any CNC machine, that use Vectorworks
  • Companies that use older CNC machines
  • Companies with different CNC machines



7 reasons for ElementsCAM

  • understandable, easy learnable user interface
  • Direct 2d and 3d import from Vectorworks and Interiorcad (Polylines, extrudes…)
  • Efficient Commands to draft and modify within ElementsCAM
  • Working lists, macro- and software programming tools for specific manufacturing
  • nearly 30 years expert knowledge with development of CNC software
  • Neutral software for nearly any CAM machine
  • Very good price performance ratio


Tool administration

In this area you can define your tools. These tools can be assined the concerning object within the database of Vectorworks. Thereby you can reduce manual assignments drastically.


Important commands can be assigned by the context menu to the user interface. After that you can assign the processing with one click. With each changing of the dimensions of the panel the macro will be aligned automatically.


The “magic points” in ElementsCAM provide points of reference. By this the input of values simplify the input of values enormously. Similiar to the points of reference in Vectorworks you can define, if the left, middle or right corner act as a starting point.


The suction device can be defined and positioned individually as well.


ElementsCAM contains a function to simulate the processing. The speed can be controlled continuously variable. Besides the simulation can be winded up step by step.